This is the Public Association where all activity is directed toward the popularization the vital values. We consider this to be the our “civic duty”.

We’re not “inventing something new” but doing right things to ease communication for the productiveness in our struggle for the social well being. We`re realizing that real culture is born in the close “brotherhood” environment where is no phony ambitions and avidity but realism of everyday life.

We’re offering a number of activities including live music and theater performances, exhibitions, scientific investigations, charity and volunteer activities.

What are we doing?

Organization of various musical, dance and artistic events

Release of media products and unique content

Coordination of activities of various projects and initiatives

Promotion of young artists

Information support, coverage of current events in Russia and CIS countries

Scientific and educational activities, master classes, interdisciplinary meetings

Development and implementation of innovative educational methods

You can contact the leaders of the movement through a special form on our website.