DA EXIT GANG is a new community that realized the value of the culture instead the value of the money and corporate capitalism.

Musicians, scientists, artists, actors, dancers, producers, journalists, poets, IT-specialists, managers, lowers, engineers, social workers etc. and all people in this union made the firs step forward to the wise and openmind relations.

The real power of intension and good relations inside community make our crew strong and understanding of the main goals goes through the internal feeling that people make difference. Our organization have got an unusual structure where the formal leadership is not conflicting the horizontal interactions. From this point we`re developing the innovational type of organization structure connected with the idea of new community built on the basics of strong personal interactions of each specialist who`s working in groups and projects.

Deep personal involvement on the philosophical level combines with the desire to change the world and to bring the prosperity and wellbeing through all our activities.

Madd Chief

musician, ideologist


DJ, bitmaker, public figure, winner of many champion titles