Activism and strong desire to change the world and society is one of our main basics. The Daexit crew is grass root movement in general and based on the strong passion, will, and dream to bring social wellbeing through all our activities. More than 5 years we`ve been working as a volunteers and our support energy was the feeling of the importance of concrete actions and deeds. The great thing is a power of intension when it is understood right – as a strong commitment to your local community your house, yard, street, town, city, district but seen in the global context and in relation to other street, town, city etc. Our slogan is: “who if not you” – the meaning is a deep understanding of personal role in our business and strong motivation leading to right feeling of unity and achievement.


Education is one of our main activities directed toward wide spread of the Knowledge and vital values that could help to support and develop our society. Even more — it could be taken as a basis of    the socialization process that is transmitting important issues, views,   philosophies from generation to generation. In Russia we even got a definition taken as a quote from Dostoevsky — the problem of fathers and sons (Mothers, daughters etc.). Hip hop as a method offers a great number of practices to ease this communication (360 concept, critical thinking), and also helps to form the educational environment (special relations inside community, and family-like atmosphere that could help the right perception of learning process).


Communication and community are the cognate words. As Daexit could be seen as a opened community communication could be taken as its main feature. In hip hop culture communication (creative, verbal, physical and implicit) plays one of the main roles. In all hip hop elements communication is transformed to certain art styles and visions that are lived and understood. Knowledge is the main element that is operating the pure communication of the words and direct speech, explanation and understanding. The concept of 360 in hip hop directed toward the examination of the “Others” point of view and desire to hear and to be heard.

Social philosophy

One of our basics is the vision of the new social philosophy, where the power relations are substituted by vital interactions directed by common sense and benefits for the next generations. Our main goal in this sphere is to bring the harmony to the different gropes communities and views to ease the understanding and to set up the constructive dialog. Our vision is also close to the soviet futurist movement of the beginning of the 20 th century promoting new attitude to the new society.


Charity is one of our main priorities. We understand this term not only as an economical (done for free) but a grass root and activist position where strong desire to support our neighbors is combined with volunteer activities. We`ve got a general economic strategy 50/50 strategy where 50% of our average income is spent on the charity. (It consists of free seminars, workshops, meetings, concerts, exhibitions etc.)