Science here this is more close to definition of the lifestyle, understanding, where creative practices are not divided from knowledge and when the meaning of knowledge approaching to the natural balance. This is not only thoughts and mind activity but also feelings, intuition, opinions of different people (age, sex, race, culture), and different type of practices (creative, social etc.)

Science is not a thing that you could only see in universities, encyclopedias or laboratories, nevertheless the science is there. This is the rethought reflections of everyday life taken to bring a public wellbeing.

As public benefit helps to develop whole mankind, it helps to develop every person, making the life more natural. The science provides mechanism for self understanding and to understanding of world bringing the harmony.

Science in the Hip hop is the 5-th element or internal reflection of the great international community, the people who are sharing the same lifestyle and the world outlook. The main goal is the productive dialog between various visions, philosophies and cultures. Below you could see documents to download.