November 8, 2019 Author: Сергей Иванов

Educational Hip Hop Visit to Russia Moscow, Knowledge Sharing Week Happened

On October 8-14 with the help of Forum For Cultural Engagement a delegation of 3 talented U.S artists, activists and scholars: Mic Creenshaw, Dj Boo and Murray Forman have been visiting Moscow with the mission of the hip hop cultural exchange bringing deep knowledge of the social hip hop and community support and engagement.

The main goal of the trip to Russia was the educational empowerment and communication with local hip hop and youth activists helping to ease tensitive social problems. In one week spent in Moscow we have been participating in about 12 events on different venues from special schools to recreation centers and social enterprises. Murray Forman has been profoundly explaining the issue of the 5 th element from his scholar perspective while Mic and Boo have been sharing with their artistic vibes and life experience with the audiences. In overall more than 400 people have been participating in events showing their skills and with high interest participating in all activities. Hoping that in closest future we could prolong our cultural activity together issuing a new music and textual material together.