October 16, 2018 Author: Сергей Иванов

Hip Hop Sports 2018 – new international project by «Hip Hop Union»

On the Sep 18 — 25 «Hip Hop Union» has made a series of cultural and sports activities for the kids and adults in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Belgorod in frame of Hip hop Sports 2018 Program.

Main invited guests of the  Hip Hop Sports 2018 —DC Retro Jumpers crew from Washington DC USA, that are actively promoting Double Dutch from 2004 — this is jumping sports with 2 ropes, where 3 or more people can be participating.

Jointing of the Social Hip hop and Double Dutch is not an accident because all the participants of DC Retro Jumpers positioning it not like just a pure sports but more as a social thing. This is a tool to for different peoples and generations to meet up and at the same time spend some time to improve your body.

We think that Social Hip hop that is incorporating different elements as well as sports — breaking and other dance styles also is sharing the same attitude so the exchange of the experiences of the Russian Hip hoppers and U.S. Retro Jumpers is bringing some unexpected results and expanding the horizons.

«Hip Hop Sports 2018» have successfully visited Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Belgorod and held more than 8 events including 3 Festivals, reception in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, 2 charity events and number of informal meetings.

Organizers and participants:

• Moscow NGO «Da Exit» and «Hip Hop Union » The movement in the respect of The Social Hip hop;
• Nord Side Community (Saint Petersburg);
• Hip Hop Community «Four Quarters» (Belgorod);
• The Embassy of the United States in Moscow;
• Forum for Cultural Engagement (FCE);
• Rope skipping Academy «Up&Down».