January 22, 2019 Author: Сергей Иванов

Hip Hop Union — exclusively presenting of the Generation Hip hop Chapter in Russia

For the last time the members of this international program have reached number of 54.

Generation Hip Hop (GHH) is a global youth empowerment and development program, initiated by the Universal Hip Hop Museum and the Africa Rising Foundation. The aim is to establish satellite non-profit organizations under one Hip Hop brand across the world.

GHH will become an influential movement in the new global village. Youth of today especially need empowerment through something they can relate to and believe in. GHH aims to harness the progressive talent of otherwise disenfranchised youth into a collective, dynamic, and productive international program guided by a central committee.

Initially, the aims of the program will be to set up infrastructures that address what the world lacks relative to our youth. Our network will enable us to design community arts workshops, youth empowerment initiatives, cooperative events, programs for conflict resolution, hunger alleviation, edutainment, and especially refugee assistance.

GHH is also designed to facilitate sustainable, vital, and transparent CSI initiatives. Blue chip and corporate entities will have the opportunity to partner globally with GHH in specifically initiated Cause Related Marketing (CRM) programs. This means that the funds generated for GHH, through the partner will be acquired through pre-designed CRM campaigns endorsed by credible and current personalities and organizations. These campaigns will be influenced by our global reach and will be driven independently in each country. GHH will perpetuate the UHHM mandate of Peace, Unity, and Love through our initiatives and international network.

For more info look at http://www.uhhm.org/generation-hip-hop