August 8, 2020 Author: Сергей Иванов

Landing Solovki (Humanitarian project with local communities on Russian North)

The forthcoming expedition and humanitarian mission, a voyage to the exceptional places of the Russian North is a definitely big and important event for us. Starting from mid-August our landing will hit the beach of the islands to hold the laboratory of modern and folklore music. It is meant to uncover the creative potential of the land and people who are living there. During our laboratory (August 24-30) we’re intending to communicate and artistically collaborate with local children and grownups as well as with students of NArFU University (Arkhangelsk) taking part in the Summer school. In the finals we’re intending to have a musical performance: on the seashore of the White sea we’ll be presenting the results of our artistic search and experiments. The main goal of this project is to start the artistic dialogue not only with people but also with nature, with energies of the place and even with its tectonic past and present. Sending the musical and creative vibrations we are looking for the feedback that will unite our efforts for social wellbeing and will make life in this northern place better and profound.