July 26, 2021 Author: Сергей Иванов


A big international year-long Russia — US exchange Project was completed this month. Russian DA EXIT and HIP HOP Union was partnering with EDUCATION WITHOUT BOOAREDS NGOs from the US making a meaningful collaboration of independent Hip hop educators, artists, cultural activists, and entrepreneurs. During the project our delegation was able to visit 5 Russian cities via online events and live gatherings on the spot, attracting local youth communities. We`ve been not only sharing our artistic flow but also making the emphasis on the social engagement, empowerment and search of the ways to ease the social sensitive problems in both Russia and the US. During the program activities more than 600 people passively or actively were engaged in the cooperation activities while Moscow, Yaroslavl, Tolyatti, Samara and Volgograd were accepting our delegation making soulful and vibrant gatherings on the spot.

It`s important to mention that this project has also been laying the ground for the music collaboration related with the music production and clip making connecting youth form different local places. As a project outcome we could present a small documentary including interviews with our organizing heads and participants sharing their feelings about the events.

Another milestone was the composing and publishing of our brochure special edition called Hip hop and Cultural resistance – that aims at uncovering the themes of the bigger globalization processes and the place of the independent art and hip hop activism in it.